And we love what we do.

Founded in 2008, our team of skilled professionals has an extensive background in banking, advisory, accounting, and ownership and/or executive experiences in the retail, real estate, and the professional services industries.

We are Investors

We seek investments that are aligned with our culture and philosophy. We are directly accountable for our decisions and have no other agenda to accommodate.  Since we never charge a fee or commission for an investment, our success depends on good judgment in making money. VisionQuest Capital and our investment partners make money by playing a critical role in the juncture of a business’s life.

We are Consultants

We provide integrated finance solutions to help companies grow and develop efficiencies. We deliver pragmatic and flexible corporate finance and accounting support by leveraging professional expertise and experience for when you need it.

Our Approach to Investing

We specialize in acquisitions and financing for small-to-medium sized, privately held companies and real estate investments. We like working with these kinds of businesses and companies because we understand their unique needs and are able to provide an approach that serves them and us well. The approach we deploy is an advantage in the marketplace as we focus in areas where most don’t or won’t.

Our Consulting Approach

As consultants, our team will work on-site with you, elbows deep in processes, procedures, systems, and people issues. Our approach reflects our commitment to work seamlessly within your business. We are trusted partners providing financial leadership and support to day-to-day activities needed from us.

The VisionQuest Difference

Whether as a consultant or investor to a business, we establish deep relationships and are able to provide resources that will support the key strategic and operational issues necessary for growth.  We work, seamlessly over the life of a business, to support management and leadership teams in achieving their goals.  The VisionQuest Team draws on the tradition of leveraging our “business-owner” mentality to deliver strong returns.  With our capital base and experience, we continue to build on a platform that is unique in today’s changing financial markets.

Since we never charge a fee or commission for an investment, our success depends on good judgment in making money.